photo of bb
MISSOURI being turned in channel off Old Point Comfort. Bow twisting unit is maneuvering to towing position.

photo of bb
MISSOURI headed for Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Hampton Roads. OPPORTUNE (ARS41) towing and YTBs standing by to clear ASRs from alongside.

photo of bb
MISSOURI approaches Norfolk Naval Shipyard under control of YTBs. OPPORTUNE (ARS 41) has just cast off.

photo of bb
MISSOURI enters dry dock at Norfolk Naval Shipyard about six hours after being refloated.

photo of bb
UEB in center had been prepared for placing under MISSOURI stern to add to buoyancy if 1 February pull had not succeeded.

photo of bb
Breach in MISSOURI hull that opened three fuel oil tanks to sea and required maintaining 12.2 pounds of air pressure on these tanks to force the water out.

photo of bb
Close up view of damage to MISSOURI hull. Object which caused damage has not been located although search for it was conducted by divers.

photo of office with charts on wall
Visual aides were used extensively to keep staff members informed.

photo of crew and press
Press representatives complete their notes on the final preparations for refloating MISSOURI.

photo of committee talking
RADM MILES swears in witness for the Court of Inquiry into the circumstances concerning MISSOURI stranding.

photo of inquiry
The members of the Court of Inquiry consult with the judge advocate during the month-long hearings.

photo of cake in shape of bb
. . . . Even the Flag Steward.

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