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Merchant Ship Recognition Manual
Division of Naval Intelligence OP. 16-F-20
ONI 208

Table of Contents

Cover Cover
Explanation of Illustrated Index and Salient Characteristics Charts 1
Illustrated Index 3
Salient Profile Characteristics chart 4
Application of Symbols 5
Illustrations of ships - Engines Amidships 6
Illustrations of New Maritime Types 44A
Illustrations of ships - Engines Aft 45
Explanation of General Index 49
Index of Ships 50
Change of Names 86
Description of vessels, not illustrated, and not known or reported to be either Enemy Commerce Raiders or Enemy Naval Auxiliaries which merit special attention. 88
Confidential Raider Supplement Cover
Raiders 1
Armed Auxiliary Cruisers 16
Armed Supply Ships 17
Potential Enemy Naval Auxiliaries 19
Explanation of Index 24
Ship Index 25
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