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The Japanese Navy
ONI 222-J
Official United States Navy Reference Manual
Prepared by the Division of Naval Intelligence
June 1945
Silhouettes of Japanse Naval Vessels
List of Japanese Naval Vessels by Design Classes
Statistical Summary of Principal Combatant Types
War Loss Section
Graphic and Statistical Reference to War Loss Section

Table of Contents

Cover Introduction
I Introduction
II The Naming of Japanese Warships
III Japanese Warship Type Terminology and Equivalents
V List of Japanese Naval Vessels by Design Classes
XII Silhouettes of Japanese Naval Vessels
Front 18 General Remarks and Glossary to List
1 Statistical and Pictorial Summary
1 BB-Battleships
13 CV-Aircraft Carriers
19 CVL-Light Aircraft Carriers
25 CVE-Escort Aircraft Carriers
29 CA-Heavy Cruisers
45 CL-Light Cruisers
49 DD-Destroyers
69 ODD-Escort Destroyers
73 TB-Torpedo Boats
77 SS-Submarine Cruisers
81 SS-Fleet Submarines
87 OSS-Submarines, Coastal Type
95 SM-Submarine Minelayers
97 APS-Transport Submarines
99 YU Type Submarine (Army Transport)
101 Midget Submarines
105 Human Torpedo-Kamishio
107 PF-Frigates
115 DE-Destroyer Escorts
117 PF-Frigates
XVII War Loss Section
XXII Statistical and Graphic Reference to War Loss Section
XXXI Errata
Home Page
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