Commanding Officers 1914-1989


Photo of Commander Henry N. Jenson. Photo of Lieutenant Commander Bruce L. Canaga. Photo of Lieutenant Fredrick G. Keyes.
Commander Henry N. Jenson
November 11, 1914-November 1916
Lieutenant Commander Bruce L. Canaga
November 1916-November 1917
Lieutenant Fredrick G. Keyes
November 1917-July 7, 1918
Photo of Lieutenant Otto E. Reh. Photo of Commander Willis W. Bradley. Photo of Commander Lloyd S. Shapley.
Lieutenant Otto E. Reh
July 7, 1918-October 5, 1919
Commander Willis W. Bradley
October 5, 1919-June 20, 1920 July 5, 1922-August 25, 1924
Commander Lloyd S. Shapley
June 21, 1920-July 6, 1922
Photo of Commander Harold V. McKittric. Photo of Commander Thomas E. Van Metre. Photo of Commander Robert C. Giffen.
Commander Harold V. McKittrick
August 25, 1924-January 26, 1927
Commander Thomas E. Van Metre
January 26, 1927-September 23, 1929
Commander Robert C. Giffen
September 23, 1929-June 18, 1932

Photo of Captain Allan S. Farquhar. Photo of Johnathan S. Dowell. Photo of William A. Hall.
Captain Allan S. Farquhar
June 18, 1932-April 1, 1935
Captain Johnathan S. Dowell
June 14, 1935-June 13, 1937
Captain William A. Hall
June 29, 1937-May 2, 1942
Photo of Captain Theodore D. Westfall. Photo of Captain Carl H. Bushnel. Photo of Captain James A. Prichard.
Captain Theodore D. Westfall
May 19, 1942-September 3, 1946
Captain Carl H. Bushnell
October 7, 1946-June 30, 1951
Captain James A. Prichard
July 1, 1951-August 1, 1953 July 22, 1955-December 31, 1957
Photo of Captain H. A. Pieczentkowski. Photo of Captain William B. Moore. Photo of Captain William T. Groner.
Captain H. A. Pieczentkowski
September 18, 1953-July 21, 1955
Captain William B. Moore
January 1, 1958-June 30, 1960
Captain William T. Groner
July 1, 1960-June 30, 1961

Photo of Captain Harry C. Maynard. Photo of Captain William H. Wright. Photo of Captain James L. Hunnicutt.
Captain Harry C. Maynard
July 12, 1961-June 19, 1963
Captain William H. Wright
June 28, 1963-May 1, 1966
Captain James L. Hunnicutt
July 28, 1966-June 27, 1968
Photo of Captain Howard G. Garnett. Photo of Captain Jack L. Carter. Photo of Captain John V. Smith.
Captain Howard G. Garnett
June 27, 1968-June 29, 1972
Captain Jack L. Carter
August 18, 1972-August 26, 1975
Captain John V. Smith
August 26, 1975-April 19, 1977
Photo of Captain John G. Fletcher. Photo of Captain Charles H. Wilbur. Photo of Captain Robert W. Hoag.
Captain John G. Fletcher
April 19, 1977-August 29, 1980
Captain Charles H. Wilbur
August 29, 1980-July 18, 1985
Captain Robert W. Hoag, II
July 18, 1985-present

Notice to Keyport Residents, Former Residents, Employees, Former Employees, and Retirees:

Do you have a story to tell about your association with the Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station? Maybe you held your first job at Keyport in the early days, maybe your family took in boarders during the World War II rush, or maybe you were involved in the new joint Canadian/U.S. test range in British Columbia.

Whatever your involvement, we want to hear from you. We feel that we were only able to scratch the surface in the time we had to research this book. Although there were many people who loaned us photographs and told us their recollection of the past, there were many more that we missed.

We are putting together an archives to aid in future endeavors to preserve Keyport's history. Your story will help make it complete.

Please write us; send in your name, address, phone number, and story. It doesn't have to be in any particular form: hand or typewritten, informal notes or essay; whatever you can do, we'll appreciate. Send to:

NUWES Public Affairs Office
Historical Archives
Code O6PAO
Keyport, Washington 98345
Phone: (206) 396-2763


SERVICE: The Tradition at Keyport and Kitsap Federal Credit Union

Kitsap Federal Credit Union Commemorates Keyport's 75th Anniversary

Kitsap Federal Credit Union is proud to be a part of the rich heritage of NUWES Keyporl. Begun by a small group of Shipyard Employees in 1934 and originally known as the Navy Yard Metal Trades Credit Union, Kitsap Federal Credit Union has grown to include six branches, including our very important and historical branch in Building 1 at Keyport.

Early History of the Credit Union at Keyport

Kitsap Federal Credit Union was formed in 1934 by a handful of employees at PSNS who realized that by pooling their resources, they could offer credit and savings to each other at competitive rates. Their original pool of assets totalled $35.50! The Credit Union was characterized by its spirit of cooperation and volunteerism which is a heritage that continues at Kitsap Federal Credit Union and its Keyport Branch.

In the late 1930's, Keyport employees became interested in joining the Navy Yard Metal Trades Credit Union, which at that time was open only to employees of PSNS who were members of the Metal Trades Council. In 1947, the bylaws were amended to include all PSNS employees. Then, in 1954, the Credit Union approved a change that expanded the field of membership to include all employees at Naval installations in Kitsap County, including all at NUWES Keyport.

When Keyport employees became eligible for membership in the Credit Union, Credit Union Treasurer Oscar Cooper suggested that Keyport Tool and Die-Maker Robert Stewart become an active volunteer at KFCU. At that time, Bob was also a delegate to the Metal Trades Council. Bob joined the KFCU Credit Committee and recalls that although KFCU did not have a building at Keyport, he and other volunteers distributed loan applications, and later joined part-time employees in cashing paychecks and writing temporary receipts. He remembers that KFCU had approximately $125,000 in assets (compared with today's $180 million!).

After being located in several 'closet-size' areas on Keyport, in the 1960's, the Credit Union moved into its present location. A large number of Keyport employees

  and their families are active members and volunteers at KFCU, pooling their resources to help each other meet their financial needs.

The Tradition of Service Continues

KFCU's Keyport branch, managed by Mary Morgan, offers a full range of financial services to all Keyport employees, contractors, and their extended families. We invite you to join us in celebrating the rich heritage of Keyport and we thank you for allowing us to play an important role!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: KFCU'S Keyport Branch Remodelling Day October 27, 1972 Oscar Cooper, left; Bill Maiers, Allen Olsen, center; Commanding Officer of Naval Torpedo Station, right.


NUWES Main Gate 1989. (Illustration by John Rohrer)

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