Photo of USS Cobia taken in spring 2000.

Class: Gato Submarine
Launched: November 28, 1943
At: Electric Boat Company, Groton, Connecticut
Commissioned: March 29, 1944

Length: 311 feet, 9 inches
Beam: 27 feet, 3 inches
Draft: 15 feet, 3 inches (mean surface trim)
Displacement: 1,525 tons
Armament: Ten 21-inch torpedo tubes, one 3-inch/50 caliber gun; one 40mm gun; one 20mm gun

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
75 Maritime Drive
Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220-6843
(920) 684-0218
(866) 724-2356
Fax: (920) 684-0219
Email: [email protected]
Latitude: 44.0923789064, Longitude: -87.6552371292
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Representative of the Gato class submarines, USS Cobia earned four battle stars and is credited with sinking six Japanese vessels (over 500 tons). Cobia was dedicated by the people of Wisconsin in 1970 as an International Memorial to submariners throughout the world and placed on display at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, and the largest maritime museum on the Great Lakes. Today she is totally restored and boasts operational radar and radios. The overnight education programs are extremely popular.

Twenty-eight fleet boats were built by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company during the war. Although not built at Manitowoc, Cobia is virtually identical to the submarines built here and is symbolic of the great industrial achievement and effort of the people of Wisconsin toward winning World War II.

USS Cobia is a National Historic Landmark.

Photo of USS Cobia underway.

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