USS Slater at the pier.

Class: Cannon
Type: Destroyer Escort
Launched: February 13, 1944
At: Tampa Shipbuilding, Tampa, Florida
Commissioned: May 1, 1944

Length: 306 feet
Beam: 36 feet, 10 inches
Draft: 12 feet
Displacement: 1,440 tons
Armament: Three 3-inch/50 caliber guns, three twin 40 mm guns, nine twin 20 mm guns, 24-missile hedgehog, two depth charge racks, and eight K-guns

Destroyer Escort Historical Museum
USS Slater
P.O. Box 1926
Albany, NY 12201-1926
(518) 431-1943
Fax: (518) 432-1123
Email: [email protected]
Open April through November for Public Tours at: The Snow Dock
141 Broadway
Albany NY 12202
Latitude: 42.6425048529, Longitude: -73.7497288161
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USS Slater is the only floating destroyer escort on display in North America. Out of 563 DEs built during World War II, three survive as memorial ships.

USS Slater was initially assigned to convoy and antisubmarine duties in the Atlantic. In May 1945, her torpedo tubes were removed and additional anti-aircraft weapons were added at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  She was then assigned to the Pacific theater. She was decommissioned in 1946.

While in reserve, Slater was transferred in 1951 to the Hellenic Navy where she served with distinction for more than 40 years. Through the efforts of the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association, she was donated to that organization by the Greek government and was towed from Crete to New York City's Intrepid Museum in 1993. In October 1997, Slater was moved to her permanent location in Albany, New York on the Hudson River. Volunteers are restoring the vessel to her 1945 configuration. The ship is playing a significant role in the City of Albany's Hudson Riverfront Development Plan.

USS Slater executing a rescue turn August 1944.
Slater executing a Williamson maneuver off Key West FL, August 1944

USS Slater is listed on the National and New York State Registers of Historic Places.

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