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"I touch my country's mind, I come to grips -
With half her purpose, thinking of these ships...

They mark our passage as a race of men.
Earth will not see such ships as those again."
John Masefield

Our mission is to support the preservation of historic naval vessels and to honor those who serve at sea in defense of their nation.

The vessels of the Historic Naval Ships Association (about HNSA) speak of their nations' histories in a way that websites or videos cannot. Consisting of both museums and memorials, these ships honor the men and women who serve their nations as well as provide an exciting and fun place to learn about history and technology.

Today, the 188 ships of the HNSA fleet ride peacefully at anchor, inviting you to cross their brows and journey back in time. Sit in the wardroom of a mighty battleship, touch a powerful torpedo on a submarine. Walk the legendary decks of seafaring history and stand where naval heroes have stood.

Welcome aboard!

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Next board meeting: March 2014, Annapolis, MD.
Next general meeting: Concurrent with 10th Maritime Heritage Conference, Norfolk, VA, 17-21 Sep 2014. Call for Papers.
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Tour online NS Savannah, the only nuclear powered merchant vessel built by the USA.
Tour online Sea Shadow and HMB-1, formerly secret project ships.

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