Historic Naval Ships Association
Board of Directors

  • President - Patricia Rogers, USS Requin
  • Vice-President - Capt. Jerry Hofwolt, USS Bowfin
  • Secretary - Lcdr. Sherry Richardson, HMCS Sackville
  • Treasurer - Col. Patrick J. Cunningham, Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park
  • Past President - Brad King, Battleship Cove
Terms Expiring in 2014
  • Alyce Guthrie, PT Boats, Inc.
  • Terry Miller - Tin Can Sailors - Associate Member Representative
  • Jonathan Williams, USS Iowa
  • Timothy Rizzuto, USS Slater
Terms Expiring in 2015
  • Bill Cogar
  • Lindsey Shaw
  • Andy Smith, USS Texas
  • Bill Tunnell, USS Alabama
Terms Expiring in 2016
  • Radm. Mac McLaughlin, USS Midway
  • Capt. Rocco Montesano, USS Lexington
  • Capt. Terry Bragg, USS North Carolina
  • Matt Woods, USS Intrepid

Honorary Directors

  • Admiral Robert J. Papp, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Larry Ostola, Parks Canada
  • Vice Admiral Drew Robertson, Royal Canadian Navy
  • Admiral Sir Alan West GCB DSC, Royal Navy

Senior Officers Retired

  • Maury Drummond

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