HNSA Ships with Overnight Education Programs:

The following ships of the Historic Naval Ships Association are available for overnight education programs. Each has an informative program to make the visit an educational and rewarding experience. Some museums have additional ships, and most also have shoreside exhibits. All have gift shops. Most of the museum web sites contain additional information about their programs.
  • Battleship USS Alabama, Mobile, Alabama
    Ages 6-18. Single gender camping on any one night. Capacity: 375.
  • Submarine USS Blueback, Portland, Oregon
    Recommended for grades 2 through 8, but can be adapted to other levels. Capacity: 50.
  • Cruiser HMS Belfast, London, England
    Groups of children aged 8 and upward. Stays of up to 3 nights. In the heart of London. Capacity: 52 bunks, two cabins for up to 6 Adults.
  • Submarine USS Cavalla and Destroyer Escort USS Stewart, Galveston, Texas
    Minimum age: First grade. Capacity: 120.
  • Submarine USS Cobia, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
    Minimum age: 6.  Capacity: 65. Adult-to-youth ratio: 1 to 4.
  • Sloop-of-War USS Constellation, Baltimore, Maryland
    Groups of similarly-aged youth from 1st through 6th grade, and 8th grade and older. Minimum group size 20; Maximum 60.
  • Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet, Alameda, California
    Minimum age: 6.  Capacity: 450.
  • Aircraft Carrier USS Intrepid, New York, New York
    Age range: 6-17 years old, Minimum group size: 15, Max capacity: 250 (per overnight)
  • Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown, Baltimore, Maryland
    Capacity: 25 youth and 10 adults. (Larger groups can be handled if they provide cots or sleep on the deck.)
  • Destroyer USS Kidd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Minimum age: 6. Capacity: 165.
  • Aircraft Carrier USS Lexington, Corpus Christi, Texas
    Capacity: 450.
  • Submarine USS Ling, Hackensack, New Jersey
    Capacity: 36.  Minimum group size: 20.  Adult-to-youth ratio: 1:6.
  • Cruiser USS Little Rock, Buffalo, New York
    Minimum age: 7. Capacity: 250.
  • Battleship USS Massachusetts and destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Fall River, Massachusetts
    Minimum age: 6 Capacity: 400 youths, 100 adults.
  • Aircraft Carrier USS Midway, San Diego, California
    Minimum age: 5. Capacity: 200. Minimum Group Size: 20.
  • Battleship USS Missouri, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Minimum age: 6. Capacity: 130.
  • Steam Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien, San Francisco, California
    Capacity: 64. Ages 7 to 17.
  • Battleship USS New Jersey, Camden, New Jersey
    Minimum age: 7. Capacity: 350.
  • Submarine USS Pampanito, San Francisco, California
    Minimum age: 6. Capacity: 48. Program conducted every night except Wednesdays. "Science School" overnight program for grades 6, 7 and 8.
  • Submarine USS Razorback, North Little Rock, Arkansas
    Minimum group size is ten, maximum is 35.
  • Cruiser USS Salem, Quincy, Massachusetts
    Minimum age: 5. Capacity: 250.
  • Submarine USS Silversides, and Coast Guard Cutter USCGC McLane, Muskegon, Michigan
  • Destroyer Escort USS Slater, Albany, New York
    Program runs April through November.
    Capacity: 50. Minimum group size: 20. Organized youth groups only.
  • Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Taney, Baltimore, Maryland
    Grades 3 through 12. Capacity: 70.
  • Battleship USS Texas, LaPorte, Texas
    Minimum age: 7. Capacity: 78. Minimum group size: 15. Adult-to-youth ratio: 1:6.
  • Destroyer USS Turner Joy, Bremerton, Washington
    Minimum age: 8. Capacity: 20. Adult-to-youth ratio: 1:10.
  • Battleship USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia.
    Tent Overnights for Cub/Boy Scouts on the Fantail.
    Minimum group size: 60, Max capacity: 160
  • Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
    Capacity: 450-500, depending on the male/female mix.
Information for those running education programs may be found at The HNSA Education Collaborative

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