How to Contribute to the HNSA Operations Handbook

The Handbook's usefulness as a valued online resource depends on both the contribution of expertise from within the historic ship community as well as feedback from those who use it. We welcome both.

If you would like to contribute an essay to be published online as part of the HNSA Operations Handbook, or would like to give feedback about the Handbook, please contact Patricia Rogers at [email protected] or the HNSA office at HNSA feedback form.

To present an essay for consideration, please provide the following information in an initial email request. List the topic, summary description of the content and biographical information about yourself relative to your field of expertise. We will consider unpublished material or previously published material as long the author can guarantee that doing so does not impede on the rights of a third party.

We realize that there is more than one way to address many of the issues that face the historic ship community and can justify publishing more than one essay on a particular topic when they provide different approaches to a single issue.

Once we make a determination to publish your paper, we will provide formatting guidelines to conform to the Handbook. In general we prefer that your essay is no less than four and no more than 20 pages. An electronic file is necessary for publication and we prefer that you email all materials, though it is occasionally necessary to mail large files on a CD-ROM.

The author will also be required to sign and return one copy of the "Proffer of Gift Agreement." a sample of which is provided below for your review. This is not for the purpose of preventing you from submitting this essay for publication elsewhere or otherwise utilizing it for your own purposes at a later date. Under most circumstances, we will be willing to permit this upon request. However it is necessary for HNSA to obtain title to your essay to protect the organization from potential future legal problems.

Thank you for your interest in the Historic Naval Ships Associations Operations Handbook. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at my E-mail cited above or phone 412-237-1507.


I, ____, have intellectual property rights to the document(s) described below and have full legal authority to transfer those rights.

I desire to give unconditionally the intellectual property rights of the described document(s) to the Historic Naval Ships Association.

To carry out my purpose, I do hereby give, transfer, convey, and assign said document(s), free and clear of all encumbrances, to the Historic Naval Ships Association, hereby relinquishing for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, and assignees all ownership rights (including copyright), title, interest, and possession therein to the donee absolutely.

The herein described gift and transfer of said document(s) does not entail the granting by the donee of special concessions or privileges to me or my executors, administrators, heirs, and assignees. The herein described gift and transfer of said document(s) is made for the benefit of or use in connection with the creation and maintenance of the Operations Handbook of the Historic Naval Ships Association.

I also understand that records-keeping procedures require that my name and address be kept on file, and I hereby acknowledge that I do not consider this to be an invasion of my privacy.



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