HNSA Operations Handbook Introduction

The HNSA Board of Directors has directed the preparation of an "Operations Handbook," envisioned to be a comprehensive guide to all aspects of operating a historic naval ship. Throughout the HNSA community, operations staff, technical specialists, preservationists, programming staff and curators have enacted solutions to many of the common challenges we face. It is our intention that this handbook will serve as a valuable and frequently accessed resource and as such, we hope to minimize the "trail and error" for HNSA members and save staff precious time and effort in doing their jobs.

Much of the content contained within this online resource has been contributed by the wealth of experienced and talented individuals of the Association's Fleet, Associate Members and Friends of HNSA. In its best form, the Handbook is always a work in progress and we welcome contributions to this ongoing project. In general we accept essays of 5-10 pages on subjects of interest to the HNSA membership and which are relevant under our list of general topics, or specific to an aspect of a general topic. We draw on expertise outside HNSA to inform on a wide variety of subjects as well.

In making the Handbook available online, we hope to link our unique global community and encourage a dialog of shared resources and information exchange. May the relevant experiences and information presented here provide insight, perspective and solutions in all manner of your work from obtaining a historic naval ship to ongoing ship care and maintenance.

If you have questions or would like to contribute to this project, please contact Patricia Rogers at [email protected] or the HNSA office at the HNSA Feedback Form.

Articles and essays appearing in this handbook represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Historic Naval Ships Association.

Patricia Rogers, Operations Handbook Editor
Jeffrey S. Nilsson, Executive Director
Richard Pekelney, Webmaster

With special appreciation to past editors:

2005-2008 Dr. Norman Cary, Retired Head of the Naval Historical Center's Curator Branch, HNSA Curatorial Committee Chair
1993 Gail Fuller, editor of the 1993 print publication, "A Curatorial Handbook for Historic Naval Vessels"

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