Help in Loading Panos

The panographic images in the tour require some features to be installed in your browser to work correctly. If you are having problems viewing the images please try the following:

On most browsers, pressing the Shift key while the cursor is on a pano image will zoom in, Ctrl or Option key will zoom out.

1- Update your browser to a recent version.

2- If you are using Flash, update the Flash to the latest version.
Get Adobe Flash player
If you cannot use Flash, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome should work without Flash using HTML 5.

3- To skip our checking for the various versions of Flash and HTML 5, you can tell the tour software what size and type of image display software you want to use:
Substitute xxxx for the following:

hd (High Definition, 1000 pixel Flash, fall back to HTML 5)
nr (Normal, 580 pixel Flash, fall back to HTML 5)
sm (Small, 300 pixel Flash, fall back to HTML 5)
fast (No pano, just a fast to load picture, 580 pixel jpg)
flhd (High Definition,1000 pixel Flash)
fl (Normal 580 pixel Flash)
flsm (Small 300 pixel Flash)
hthd (High Definition 1000 pixel HTML 5)
ht (Normal 580 pixel HTML 5)
htsm (Small 300 pixel HTML 5)

4- The tour uses a cookie named "pano" to remember what type of image you have choosen. If the image size seems to changes each time you enter the tour make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser.

5- Firefox 6 has a blacklist of video drivers that it does not think will work with HTML 5 and OpengGL. For example, VMware Fusion 3.1.3 or Parallels 7 video drivers which actually do work. To turn off checking the blacklist, first, in Firefox 6.0 open:
At the bottom of the page look to see a Graphics section for:
GPU Accelerated Windows0/1. Blocked for your graphics card because of unresolved driver issues.
If you have a blocked driver, then open:
Then double click on:
This will change it to:
Restart Firefox and it will ignore the blacklist.

6- If nothing else works, please email us.

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