BAP Abtoa in her museum berth.

Class: Lobo Submarine
Commissioned: 1 Feb 1954
At: Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corporation, Groton, Connecticut

Length: 243 feet
Beam: 22 feet
Draft: 14 feet
Displacement: 825 tons surface, 1,400 tons submerged
Armament: Four 21 inch tubes forward, two aft. One 5" 25 cal gun.

Peruvian Naval Museum
Estacion Naval de Submarinos
Base Naval Del Callao
(51-14) 42-8707
Fax: (51-14) 42-8710
Vice Admiral José Garcia-Castaños
Presidente de la Asociación de Oficiales Submarinistas del Perú
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Latitude: -12.0595314889, Longitude: -77.1506072449
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BAP Abtao is a Sierra-type submarine which was launched as Tiburon (Shark). In 1957 her name was changed to Abtao in memory of the naval battle of 7 February 1866 fought between the Spanish and Purvian/Chilean naval squadrons. The Peruvians, under Captain Manuel Villar were victorious.

BAP Abtao served 48 years in Peruvian navy. During which she completed 5,003 dives. Her motto was "Silence and assistance" in both times of peace and war. During 1988 she assisted in the rescue of the crew of BAP Pacocha after her collision with a fishing vessel and sinking. Abtao was decommissioned in 1998 and became a museum in 2004.

BAP Abtoa underway.
March 1986


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