Hazard buried in Freedom Park.

Class: Admirable Minesweeper
Launched: May 21, 1944
At: Winslow Marine Railway & Shipbuilding Company, Winslow, Washington
Commissioned: October 31, 1944

Length: 184 feet, 6 inches
Beam: 33 feet, 1 inch
Draft: 9 feet
Displacement: 850 ton
Armament: One 3-inch/50 caliber gun; six 20mm guns; four 40mm guns; one hedgehog; four depth charge projectors; two depth charge racks

Mailing Address:
USS Hazard
1523 S. 24th St.
Omaha, NE 68108-3421

Address To Visit:
Freedom Park
2497 Freedom Park Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68110-2745
(402) 444-5955
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (402) 444-6838
Latitude: 41.2768433898, Longitude: -95.9016378313
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The only surviving Admirable class minesweeper, the largest and most successful American minesweepers, Hazard was fitted for both wire and acoustic sweeping and could double as an antisubmarine warfare platform. The Admirable class vessels were also used for patrol and escort duties. Hazard first served in this capacity, escorting a convoy from San Francisco to Pearl Harbor, and then running with convoys to Eniwetok and Ulithi. In March 1945, the sweeper was sent to Okinawa, where she first performed antisubmarine patrols before sweeping the waters off Kerama Retto in keeping with the minesweeper's slogan, "No Sweep, No Invasion."

At the war's end the ship cleared the seas off Korea and Japan for the occupation forces. Returning to the United States in 1946, Hazard was decommissioned and joined the reserve fleet.

Visiting hours vary, please check Freedom Park's web site.

USS Hazard is a National Historic Landmark.

Hazard under way in dazzle camoflage.
U.S. Navy Photograph

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