Painting of CSS Jackson

Type: Ironclad Ram
Launched: December 22, 1864
At: Confederate States Yard, Columbus, Georgia

Length: 223 feet, 6 inches
Beam: 56 feet, 6 inches
Draft: 8 feet
Armament: Four 7-inch Brooke Rifles; two 6.4-inch Brooke Rifles; two 12 pounder boat howitzers.

National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus
1002 Victory Drive
Columbus, Georgia 31901
(706) 327-9798
Fax: (706) 324-7225
Email: [email protected]
Latitude: 32.4470435252, Longitude: -84.9797961877
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One of the prime exhibits of Port Columbus is the hull of the ironclad ram Jackson which was designed as an armored, steam-powered ram for river and coast defense. The Jackson's design was based on the successful model of CSS Virginia (Merrimac). The ship was also known as the Muscogee and exemplified the type of vessel employed by the Confederacy in naval combat during the Civil War. The nearly completed ship was burned to the waterline and sunk at the war's end by Union cavalry General Wilson's raiders in April of 1865. Jackson was discovered and raised in 1963. It is joined in the museum building by an excellent collection of Civil War naval artifacts including weapons, uniforms and an array of models of Civil War ships. The museum recently opened a new $8 million facility with 40,000 square feet of exhibit space.

CSS Jackson is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo of Jackson at the museum.

Photo of CSS Jackson from the war.

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