LCM 56

LCM-56 landing craft at Battleship Cove

Class: Higgins LCM (6) - LCM (3) with six feet added to the tank deck
Type: Landing craft, mechanized
Launched: 1950s
At: Higgins Industries, New Orleans, LA

Length: 56 feet
Beam: 14 feet, 4 inches
Draft: 4 feet, 3 inches
Displacement: 52 tons (fully loaded)
Armament: two .50 caliber machine guns

Battleship Cove
5 Water Street, P.O. Box 111
Fall River, MA 02722-0111
(508) 678-1100
Fax: (508) 674-5597
Email: [email protected]
Latitude: 41.7048922477, Longitude: -71.1625040737
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Immortalized on the shores of Normandy, LCMs were launched from amphibious vessels and used extensively during World War II to carry personnel to and from hostile shores. They could carry as many as 120 troops, vehicles as large as a 30-ton tank, or up to 120,000 lbs. of cargo. They were extremely buoyant and had a cruising range of 850 miles at 6.25 knots. With their flat bottoms and hinged bow ramps, they could discharge troops directly onto a beach.

Battleship Cove's LCM was powered by two 110-225 horsepower diesel engines and manned by a crew of four. LCM 56 is on display at Battleship Cove, the world's largest collection of historic naval ships.

LCM landing craft with Marines wading ashore.
Marines landing from LCMs on the Tinian beachhead in the Marianas.

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