PACV hovercraft in the museum.

Class: 7332 SK-5, PACV (Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle)
At: British Hovercraft Corp./Bell Aerosystems Co.

Length: 38' 10"
Beam: 23' 9"
Range: 165 nautical miles
Speed: max 60 knots over land or calm water, cruising 50 MPH
Weight: loaded 15,66 pounds
Complement: 4
Armament: .50 cal Machine Gun M2, 2x M60 machine guns

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Bell Aerosystems licensed and sold the British Hovercraft Corporation SR-N5 as the Bell SK-5 in the 1960s. There were deployed by the US Navy in the Mekong Delta where their mobility and speed was unique.

PACV-4 is the sole surviving US Navy British Hovercraft Corporation built PACV (Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle). She did two combat tours in Vietnam, followed by long service in the Canadian Coast Guard.

The museum is located in the hometown of the former United Boatbuilders Company, and later Uniflite Corp. which manufactured the Mark I PBR gunboats and Mark II PBR gunboats during the period 1965 to 1977. The restoration workforce is entirely volunteer and includes veterans and former Uniflite employees and officers.

PACV hovercraft on land.PACV-2 at Moc Hoa, Vietnam Nov 1966

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