PBR Mk II boat on display.

Length: 31 feet
Beam: 11 feet, 9 inches
Draft: 1 foot, 1 inch
Displacement: 9 tons
Speed: 35 knots
Armament: Three .50-cal machine guns (two twinned, one single), one M60A machine gun and one MK-79 grenade launcher

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Battleship Memorial Park
2703 Battleship Parkway, P.O. Box 65
Mobile, AL 36601-0065
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Latitude: 30.6831547466, Longitude: -88.0139601017
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The Patrol Boat Riverine (PBR) was one of the most recognizable weapons of the Vietnam War. Designed to operate in water depths of less than two feet, the 9 ton displacement PBR of the "Brown Water Navy" ran at speeds in excess of 35 knots and could turn 180 degrees in its own 31 foot length. Its fiberglass hull and twin diesel water-jet-pump propulsion system, laden with three 50 caliber machine guns, and other weapons, provided the perfect platform to perform enemy supply interdictions and other covert operations in the Mekong Delta.

PBR Mk II boat underway in Vietnam.
PBR Mk II of the same type in Vietnam, ca. 1968-1969, author unknown.
PBR Forces Veterans Association, Inc.

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