Patrol boat PTF-26
PTF-26 underway off Alameda, CA 2007

Class: Osprey Fast Patrol Boat
Launched: 1968
At: Sewart Seacraft in Berwick, Louisiana

Length: 94 feet, 8 inches
Beam: 23 feet, 2 inches
Draft: 7.5 feet
Displacement: 123 tons
Armament: 50 cal/81mm mortar forward, 2-20 mm on wings, 40 mm aft

Liberty Maritime, PTF-26
1272 Grand River Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831
Tel: (916) 393-2221
Fax (916) 393-2223
Email: [email protected]
Latitude: 38.1497327471, Longitude: -121.683304982
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PTF-26, "Liberty", was the last PTF built. PTFs, Fast Patrol Boats, were the Vietnam War version of the famous WW II PT Boats. They were heavily armed near-coastal gunboats, used mostly by Special Forces. PTF-26 is also the last of only four Osprey-Class PTFs, the bigger, aluminum-hulled brother to the Nasty-Class boats. She was powered by twin T-1837K Napier Deltic engines. These exotic diesels put out 3100 HP each using 3 crankshafts, 18 cylinders and 36 pistons. During a 1970s speed run, PTF-26 was clocked at 51 knots! PTF-26 currently serves as both an operational museum and a youth training vessel.

Patrol boat PTF-26 underway

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