Seehund submarine from aft at the museum.

Type: Midget Submarine
Length: 39 feet
Beam: 5 feet 6 inches
Displacement: 16 tons
Complement: 2 men
Armament: Two 21-inch torpedoes mounted externally
Propulsion: One 60 hp diesel engine, one 25 hp electric motor; 6 knots

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The Seehund (seal) was a successful coastal patrol design submarine. A total of 1,284 were ordered and 67 were built in 1944 and 1945. The Seehund was designed to be used in shallow water close to base, where reloads were available for quick turnaround and return to battle. The two torpedoes were slung externally on rails on each side of the boat.

Suffering extremely difficult working conditions, the Seehunds kept a considerable number of Allied ships and aircraft busy in the North Sea area in an effort to keep the midget threat in check. By the end of the war Seehunds had operated on 142 sorties, sinking nine merchant ships, damaging three ships and the sinking of one destroyer at the cost of 35 of their own number. The small U-boats were extremely difficult to destroy with depth charges and required swift direct hits from aircraft to be disabled.

Seehund submarine diving. Seehund of the same type diving.

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