USS Stewart and USS Cavalla in Galveston.

Class: Edsall Destroyer Escort
Launched: November 22, 1942
At: Brown Shipbuilding Company, Houston, Texas
Commissioned: May 31, 1943

Length: 307 feet
Beam: 37 feet
Draft: 12 feet
Displacement: 1,490 tons
Armament: Three 3 inch/50 caliber guns, two quad 40mm guns, ten twin 20mm guns, hedgehogs, K-guns and depth charges.

Address for Visiting:
Seawolf Park
Pelican Island
Galveston, Texas 77552

Address for Inquires:
Cavalla Historical Foundation
601 Tremont Street
Galveston TX, 77550
Email: [email protected]
Latitude: 29.3340803922, Longitude: -94.7794692107
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USS Stewart began her service operating out of Miami as a "school ship" training student officers. She escorted President Roosevelt in the presidential yacht down the Potomac River to rendezvous with USS Iowa in the Chesapeake bay for his mission to Casablanca and Tehran. In 1944, she commenced North Atlantic convoy operations, making 30 crossings with occasional enemy submarine and aircraft encounters. Heavy seas and icing conditions were frequent.

Stewart moved to the Pacific theater in mid 1945, and conducted training exercises out of Pearl Harbor until the end of the war. She was decommissioned in late 1945. In 1974, Stewart was formally donated to Seawolf Park. She is the second ship named for Rear Admiral Charles Stewart who commanded another ship in the historic naval fleet, USS Constitution, from 1813 to 1815.

USS Stewart is a National Historic Landmark.

USS Stewart underway.
U.S. Navy Photograph supplied by U.S. Naval Institute

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